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Get Area Code 562
phone numbers -
Los Angeles

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Area code 562 is a California based code which covers the Southeast part of Los Angeles

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562 Area Code California- My Country Mobile

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Why you will choose a 562 area code phone number?

These industries provide ample opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to establish themselves in the area. With a diverse range of businesses operating in the 562 area code, you’ll have access to a wide range of customers and potential clients, making it an ideal location for business growth and success.

Establishing a local presence in the 562 area code can help your business stand out and gain extra attention from potential customers. When you call people in this area using a 562 area code phone number, they’re more likely to answer and engage with your business.

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Major cities under the 562 area code

These cities below are the major cities that come under the 562 area code. There are only 2 counties in this area code. They are Los Angeles CountyOrange County.

Los Angeles

Long Beach


Santa Ana

Huntington Beach






562 Area Code - Virtual Phone Numbers

How to use these phone numbers

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Who will buy a phone number from Mycountry Mobile

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